There are many people who make it a point to go to Walmart as often as possible. While I like their prices and everything, I only get there every once in a while. The problem lies in the fact that walking in there is not always a positive experience.

For instance, one time I went in there right before Thanksgiving with the idea that I was actually going to buy some groceries. I ended up walking out of that place with towels and everything. Keep in mind most of the stuff I went there to get was out of stock. So I ended up spending all kinds of money I do not have on things I really could live without.

I saw a lot of posts online in the past few years about the craziness that goes on inside those stores. It is like all common sense goes out of the window as soon as people land in the parking lot. This is probably not the truth, but that is what it seems like to me.

One crazy story I heard occurred in Henderson, NV. An elderly woman was killed in a hit and run in the parking lot of the store. Even though it was sad that this happened, I am very pleased to say that the driver was caught. I am not sure if this was a mix of people taking down the plates or looking at video footage, but this person deserves to be prosecuted.

Will I ever go to Walmart again, absolutely. There is one in the next town and I am desperately in need of a new slow cooker. Hopefully, I can go in the store and get what I want without spending far too much money or getting into any trouble.