Henderson NV is just 16 miles south of Las Vegas, but it is like it is worlds apart. While Vegas has the strip, Henderson is like Main Street, U.S.A., especially when visiting the Water Street District.

It has the small town charm of a nice, tight-knit community. For residents of this city, only second in size to Las Vegas in Nevada, it is a place to find it all, easily.

From accountants to bookkeepers to insurance agencies, there is a store front and office that offers it. That’s great news, but is there anything of interest to keep Henderson NV interesting? As it turns out, the Water Street District is just the place to find art, delicious local favorite food, and murals.

There are murals to everything from freedom of the arts to the first settlers recognized in the full-wall external murals draping buildings along the Water Street District. That in itself is worth the trip to see.

It is not far from Las Vegas, and is simple to make the trip in a car. It’s like a getaway from the big lights and bigger city.

History Of Henderson
At one time this now-alive and modern community was a sleepy place. Prior to World War II, it had not made its place on the map, so to speak. The efforts for WWII in Henderson were focused solely on magnesium production. If it were not for the magnesium plant here, there would not have been enough metal for the war efforts.

Now, when the war ended, most of the population had nothing else to do, and moved away. Nevada’s own legislature gave the nod for the Colorado River Commission to purchase the land from the US Government.

Henderson made a name for itself as more than just a surplus property. It’s grown leaps and bounds since its inception as a small 13-square-mile town to burgeoning at its present 94-square-mile girth.

It moved further from the industrial age following a major rocket-fuel blast at the PEPCON factory in 1988. Several people died, 372 were injured, and many homes and buildings were shattered while earthquakes shook the ground.

Today, there are many great developments that make Henderson a great place to live. Community and residential living became the focus of the city following that explosion and the resulting consequences. It’s worth getting out to MacDonald Heights just to see the extravagance of the lighted palm trees and water features.